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Brisbane Water Compliance Certification

If you’re a landlord paying for your tenants water consumption stop and give our qualified plumbers a call.

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A Water Compliance Certificate, lets landlords pass rental property water usage charges on to tenants

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For just $90, one of our plumbers can help you get your property certified

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In as little as an hour, our plumbers can help you get your property certified

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What is a Water Compliance Certificate?

In Queensland, the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) asks landlords to prove that their property meets strict usage requirements before they can charge tenants for their water consumption.

To show that your property meets these standards, you’ll need a registered, licenced plumber to issue you with a one-off Water Compliance Certificate.

These certificates help landlords save hundreds of dollars every year.

And, unlike other compliance expenses that are ongoing (e.g. smoke alarm inspections), your water compliance certificate won’t ever need to be renewed.

What happens during an SJK water compliance inspection?

This is one appointment you don’t need to stress over: A water compliance certification inspection is a very straightforward, non-invasive evaluation.

It usually only takes an hour, during which time your plumber will check whether your property meets all water efficiency requirements by looking at:

  • Taps and showers: Must not use more than 9L per minute (this requirement doesn’t include bathtub, dishwasher, washing machine or outdoor taps).
  • Toilets: All toilets must use no more than 6.5 litres for full flushes and 3.5 litres for half flushes.

Once your inspection is complete, your plumber will then either issue your with your certificate, or they’ll let you know what you need to do to become compliant.

If you’re interested in getting your property compliant as soon as possible, your SJK plumber can also give you an on-the-spot quote for repair or replacement of any inefficient fixtures or fittings that are holding you back.

Can I start charging for water once I have my certificate?

There are a few small things you need to do before you can charge your tenants for water:

  • Make sure the property is individually metered.
  • Include a clause in the tenancy agreement that clearly states the tenant must pay for water consumption
  • Obtain your Water Compliance Certificate

Once you’ve met all these criteria, the way you charge your tenants for future water usage is very simple:

  1. You pay the full amount owing on your water bills directly to your supplier, then;
  2. You send your tenants a copy of the bill as well as any usage readings. It’s a good idea to send on your water bills as soon as you get them. Tenants must then pay both the state bulk water charge and their water usage charges.

How can I make my property more water efficient?

With the huge advances in plumbing technology Australia has made in the last decade, it’s cheaper and easier than ever before to ensure our buildings are up to scratch when it comes to water efficiency.

Some of the simplest ways we can help you reduce water usage include:

  • Upgrading taps, showerheads and other fixtures to new water-efficient models
  • Installing tap aerators that restrict water flow
  • Installing other fittings that restrict water flow
  • Installing timers for sprinklers and other water using devices
  • Upgrading old, inefficient hot water systems

Once you see the huge differences that small investments in water efficiency have on water bills, you’ll wish you’d made them sooner!

Why choose SJK for your Water Compliance Certificate?

If you want quick, legitimate certification from a company that you can rely on for friendly, professional service, look no further than SJK Collective.

When you book a water compliance certification inspection with us, you can expect:

Fast booking: You won’t wait weeks for your certificate when you choose SJK! Our accredited Water Efficiency Assessor will make your job a top priority, doing everything they can to have your property certified in no time!

Outstanding service: Our staff aren’t just experts in their fields, they know how to make our customers feel valued too! We offer service with a smile and we guarantee that you’ll want to recommend us to your friends and family.

Unbeatable value: Don’t pay more than you have to for a simple certification! We offer the best prices on both your documentation and any parts or labour you’ll need to get your property up to standard.

Talk to SJK Collective about all your electrical, air conditioning and plumbing needs.

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