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Brisbane has unique weather conditions that present specific electrical considerations and call for certain electrical installations. The Brisbane climate poses unique challenges for maintaining a safe and operational electrical grid, and Brisbane-based electricians must therefore have a range of experience and competences to best serve the local community. Below we look at some of the specific challenges, and how these are addressed.

Air Conditioning: Hot and humid summers

In the Brisbane summer heat, air conditioning can be invaluable for cooling houses offices, and other buildings, and reducing the moisture content in the air. Whether it’s a simple window or wall unit, a split system installation, or a fully ducted climate system, air conditioners are a big part of getting residents through the summer by providing ways to escape the heat.

Another aspect of the Brisbane heat is that electrical wiring and equipment can become brittle and corroded if it is not properly insulated or the connections are not fully sealed. Electricians must therefore take care to use only trusted equipment and work methods that ensure electrical systems will withstand long-term exposure to the elements.

Reverse cycle air con for chilly winters

When you think about Brisbane weather, the stinging cold doesn’t usually spring to mind. However, chilly winters can creep up on us, and it helps to be prepared for these times. Why not equip a reverse cycle air conditioning unit? While their main use is to provide relied in the heat of summer, reverse cycle air conditioners can switch from cooling to heating mode, making them great to have on hand for when they are needed. Reverse cycle systems can provide respite from the odd chilly winter night, and help us to get out of bed on those exceptionally crisp winter mornings.

Electrical repairs after summer storms

Of course, there are also the occasional thunder storm which can cause damage to electricity mains and residential wiring. Moreover, since these storms often strike in the evening, it is important for electricians to be available around the clock to be able to best serve the Brisbane community. Thus, it is important for residents and businesses to have a reliable emergency electrician on hand for when storms cause electrical damage. A punctual response, clear diagnosis, and timely repair work is the way to get the power back on in a timely manner.

Floods and rainwater damage

Unfortunately, Brisbane also experiences the occasional flood. While we wish that flood-damage would not affect anyone, we acknowledge that it is important to be prepared and to be able to help people get back on their feet after they experience rain or floodwater damage. Often, existing electrical systems can withstand rain damage, and other times will need to be replaced. We excel in diagnosing the problem, and will provide honest and unbiased advice on exactly what needs to be done to get the power back on safely and in a timely fashion.

Brisbanites Make Great Electricians

Finally, another unique aspect of Brisbane is that it is home to some exceptional electricians! Whether they have moved to Brisbane for the great lifestyle, or Queenslanders born and bred, the combination of our generally laid-back lifestyle with a range of specific electrical challenges such as heat, and the occasional storms and floods, means that Brisbane is a surprisingly lucrative ground for training excellent electricians. The qualification and certification requirements for electricians in Queensland are of a very high standard relative to other states and countries, and the conditions and challenges that our local electricians face provide them with a comprehensive range of experiences in the trade. SJK Collective recruits and trains some of the best electricians in the Brisbane area, and we bring these broad expertise to our full range of electrical services.

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