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Why Your Hot Water System Isn’t Working & What to Do About It

Here’s an amazing fact: Only 1 in a 1000 Queensland homes does not have a hot water system. Used every day and definitely the most important home appliance to get you through the cooler months in comfort, every hot-water system is a heavy-duty piece of gear.  They last for years and when they’re operating properly […]

What to do about a burst pipe

If you’ve come home to a large pool of water in your living room,  a wet bulge in your ceiling, or water streaming across your backyard, the chances are that you’ve got a burst pipe! Burst pipes can lose a tremendous amount of water in a short time, flooding your property with up to 400 […]

Nasty Surprises Lurk Inside Your Air-Conditioner And They’ll Make You Sick

Aussies love an air-conditioned summer. Yet, most of us are blissfully unaware of the supreme filth emanating from many of our nation’s unserviced air-conditioning units. From pooping mites to deadly mould, stinky bacteria and even toxic drugs, an unserviced air-conditioner can house a slew of contaminants – all of which can make you very, very […]

Australia’s Top 5 Most Common Electrical Faults

Australia is a world-leader in electrical safety, yet, as comprehensive as our Electrical Wiring Standards are, the simple fact is mistakes, accidents and good old wear-and-tear can always ruin the party. Here are five common electrical faults: their causes, their risks, and what you can do about them.   5. Excessive Load On Electrical Wiring […]

Save Water, Save Money – It’s Win-Win with Water Efficiency

Australia’s domestic and commercial water usage is as varied as our climate. Daily water consumption in coastal areas can drop to as little as 100 litres per person, while someone living inland might consume up to 800 litres. Yet wherever you live, the advice of a good licenced plumber can return real long-term savings – […]

What Is a Safety Switch and Why Do You Need One?

Deaths from electrical accidents have steadily declined in Australia since 2000 thanks, in no small part, to safety switches. But what exactly is a safety switch, how do they work and why are they so important in preventing fatalities? In this article you’ll find out: What a safety switch is How safety switches keep you […]

The 6 Top Reasons Your Plumbing is Blocked

Functional plumbing is something a lot of us in Australia take for granted. But the truth is, it can be all too easy to find yourself at the business end of a blocked pipe. Here is our countdown of the top 6 reasons your plumbing might be blocked, how you can fix the issue, and […]

Are you ready for summer?

As summer approaches air conditioning systems start to get used more often. That is why now is a perfect time to get your system serviced/ inspected before getting caught out! You will have piece of mind knowing that when the heat wave arrives, your air conditioning system will be blowing icy cold air. Getting your […]

Surge Protection

SJK Electrical & Air offer a 24 hour emergency service, which means we see all types of issues with our client’s power going out! A surge from lighting strikes are something that occurs regularly and can be quite costly to repair. Most homes use surge protected power boards which plug into the wall (see image […]

SJK Protection Plan

We now offer all our clients an air conditioning maintenance program. Why you ask? Well, we believe that everyone should treat their air conditioning system like a car, it needs to be serviced regularly. We often see many cases where units are neglected and fail, costing the owner substantial amounts of money. Most manufacturers of […]

Government pushes to ban halogen lighting

The Australian government are beginning the push to phase out halogen lighting. A 200 page document has been released called the “Consultation Regulation Impact Statement –Lighting (CRIS)”. The CRIS document has addressed the issues with halogen lighting and proposed regulation in several areas. The most significant for the lighting industry is regulation for LED technology. […]

Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance

There is nothing better than walking into a cool home or office on a hot summer’s day. That’s why we suggest that you look after your air conditioning system. A simple maintenance plan will assist in ensuring the longevity of the system and prevent your family from breathing in any dust, mould and dirt particles. Completing this regular maintenance will also save you money […]

What does the new smoke alarm legislation mean for me?

If you haven’t already heard the news, here it is: Smoke alarm legislation is changing on the 1st January 2017. Every home will soon require photoelectric type smoke alarms to be installed and interconnected within all bedrooms and connecting hallways. Previously, there were two types of smoke alarms that could be legally installed in your home: photoelectric […]

Why choose a Daikin air conditioner?

The installation of an air conditioning system is something that should be investigated thoroughly prior to purchase. It is more than just a purchase, it is an investment in comfortability! Here at SJK Electrical and Air we see ourselves as market leaders, and thus we aim to recommend and provide quality products. ‘Daikin’ excels among […]

What is the best way to heat a room at home?

We are asked quite often about heating and the best way to go about it. Here is some information about heating that our readers may not know. Question: What costs more? My portable heater or inverter air conditioning system? Answer: Portable Heaters! Below are some comparisons which show the running costs. Small Room Electric/ Panel heaters cost […]

Cash Back Deals for Air Conditioning

Summer is over, which means cash back offers! Manufacturers will now roll out offers which range between $50-400 saving. Energex also offer a Positive Payback scheme when you install Peak Smart on your air conditioning system. See below links on useful information about ways to save your hard earned money! Fujitsu for example have just released a […]

Energy saving tips when using your air conditioner

Air conditioners are one of the most convenient devices we use today to keep cool, but they come with a cost of which many justify for their comfort. If you live here in Brisbane, you will know that the majority of the discomfort in summer is due to the humidity. Have you ever wondered what the water […]

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